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Old 10-31-2017, 08:32 AM
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Default Beginnings

I recorded this song in one sitting, playing all the instruments by myself, going track by track. I started with a Breedlove Fusion acoustic using and AT4050 mic, added the vocals, then a D35 as the second acoustic, then bass direct, background vocals, acoustic drums, electric rhythm guitar, and then some layered lead guitars, approx. ten separate overdubs. Then mixed it all down, this is my take on a great song!


Sometimes when I learn a new song I record it, and in this case I ended creating a backing track for when I am performing solo, unfortunately with this method of tracking I do seem suffer some tempo and timing issues, plus I'm not really a drummer, but it is fun to do all the parts... warts and all

1989 PRS CE 24 (bought new)

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